Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I really do like this era of Lou's career more than most. See and hear the whole band playing music. No pedals to hide behind. No gimmicks. No crapola. All you get here is a freak backed up by a bunch of dudes who can play the shit out of some rock n' roll. I can't help it. This is what I love and what is not to love? Sure he barely sings the songs but the band is bad as fuck and the vibe is right on. VIBEY dude.



I'm not really sure why this guy doesn't get played on classic rock radio much. Perhaps he does in other places but not here in Los Angeles. Mostly they play Chicago and Boston. Any band named after a city will do. James showed me this clip. The feathers glued to his eyebrows. Wearing a picture of himself on his chest. Shit you aren't supposed to do anymore. The great shit.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


There will be updates on here and the myspace soon as to who the band will be for the up coming record we are making. I am pretty excited to tell all but nothing is set in stone at the moment so I have to just kick back and let the love flow. This Mingus is what it sounds like when we look out the van window at some unfamiliar country side. This is the kind of stuff you can use to keep sane. I think I will put some pictures of my dog Apollo and kitty cat Little prince up here sometime soon...The wild garden at GangBangPark is growing thick....

Angels of Light

Here's a track from the newest Angels of Light record. While people are chasing their own tails acting like Grinderman is edgy and dark this is what we listened to in the tour van. Well as far as newish music comes. We also had to keep putting Mingus "Black Saint Sinner Lady" on a bunch too cos really when you play rock type music it chases you into corner that will drive you crazy. If you hear another blues lick you might bite the guy next to you. Bite his ear clean off.