Friday, September 18, 2009

Jesus of Cool

While Brooklyn is trying to figure out how to poly-rhythm and sing through beards I am guessing maybe this is next. Hopefully the west coast can pull something off sometime soon besides lazy throw back that 70's show stoner hippie punk boredom. Might as well forget about the 80's and 90's while you are at it.

While figuring out how to mix a record more or less by my lonesome I had a couple of tracks that I would go back to for reference. Nick Lowe's Jesus of Cool was remastered this year and it still sounds fresh and hotter than anything anyone is turding out of their tight jeans that cost more than my months food supply.

Also I am going to take a stab at HIP HOP pretty soon. The guy who lives next door just out jail and surprise surprise his rhymes aren't bad at all. While we have had the corner on gangster rock for sometime, it's time to drift into Gangster Rap, I guess. Willy the Pimp it is. Rossetti thought he sounded like Too Short. IF anyone has a decent sampler to lend me I'll take it.
I know we will never get clearance but what is gangster about that?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hit the City

This song. I like it.


While the record is being mastered and I finish preproduction for the Giant Drag record it seemed like a good time to play some free shows. None two sets will be the same songs and it will be a mix of new and old material. The first monday of the month isn't happening due to labor pains of labor day. Support and Guests will be annouced the weekend before each show. A real cool time.

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